'Fire On The Altar'

Jesus-Haus, Herrnhut 2022

The six months of Fire on the Altar have come to an end, what a time it was. It was a season filled with God's faithfulness and goodness and His name has been glorified 24/7. The Fire on the Altar is not supposed to go out so we seek God's will on what form we should continue.
Although not 24/7 these days but our house is still filled with worship and prayer.  If you would like to join us in it and lead some sets individually or with a group please contact us!
Send a message to this email : booking@jh-herrnhut.de and we will get in touch with you to give you information on what this will look like and what shifts are available.

In 2022 Herrnhut celebrates its 300 year anniversary.

As we thought and prayed about how to celebrate this anniversary and honour the Lord, we felt that there would be no more fitting tribute than to worship Him, day and night. The core of our vision at Jesus-Haus is also to be an 'altar' of worship, a dwelling place for the Lord and a ‘well’ of encounter as well as to faithfully stand on the Lord’s watch.

Therefore, we want to set a goal now, that in 2022 we will bring an offering of 24/7 worship and prayer before the Lord for 6 months - between Passover and Tabernacles - and we want to do that with the nations. We are hoping that this will be a catalyst towards non-stop worship and prayer in Herrnhut!

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Fire on the Altar, Herrnhut 2022

“The fire on the altar must burn continuously, it should never go out.” Leviticus 6:13


We are looking for worshippers, intercessors and watchmen to sign up to come for a number of days and commit to leading worship and prayer sets.



From 18th April to 15th October 2022, we will bring an offering of 24/7 worship and prayer before the Lord for 6 months.


Inspired by the history of Herrnhut and the many years of prayer without ceasing, we as well want to worship God and pray with our sisters and brothers from all Nations.


We believe, and we have begun to witness, that as we gather to worship with one voice and pray in one accord, the wells spring up again and the seeds of the gospel are thrust once again into the nations. We are calling the nations to partner with us to fulfill this vision and we are believing that it will be a catalyst for the advancement of His Kingdom and a mighty end-time harvest.


By coming and taking hours in the worship room.

By applying for our 'Fire on the Altar' internship.

By being a prayer partner.

By sowing in finances.


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