The Hidden Seed

The ‘Hidden Seed’ logo and carving carry deep significance for us as a ministry and also, we believe, prophetic significance for the Body of Christ around the world. It holds a Kingdom message of faith, sacrifice, perseverance and multiplication.

The Hidden Seed has historical significance. In 1628, Johann Amos Comenius (* 1592 – † 1670), the last Bishop of the United Brethren in Moravia (now Czech Republic), was leading a small band of exiled believers over the border to Poland. They were escaping persecution in their homeland and their community of faith seemed to be slowly dying out. As Comenius stood at the border, he raised his eyes to heaven and uttered a historic prayer. He prayed that God would preserve a remnant, a Hidden Seed, which would one day spring up and grow into a great tree for the glory of God.

A Hidden Seed did indeed spring up, 50 years after Comenius’ death, when a remnant from the United Brethren crossed the border into Germany in 1722 and established the Moravian community of Herrnhut. Under the leadership of Count Zinzendorf, what that community became and what it carried continues to affect the prayer, missions and discipleship movements around the world today. Out of one prayer came such a multiplication of blessing!

Hidden Seed

The Hidden Seed carving, made by a craftsman of our congregation

At Jesus-Haus we seek to live in, and carry, that same DNA. As the Nations come to us, our prayer is that they will encounter the Lord, receive Kingdom seeds from this place and carry them out to plant in the Nations. We are believing that these Kingdom seeds of breakthrough and life will spring up in the Nations for the Lord’s glory.

This wood carving symbolizes many things including faithfulness and endurance in prayer until the fulfillment or breakthrough is seen. It also reflects Jesus’ words in John 12:24 - “Amen, amen, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains a single seed. But if it dies, it produces much fruit” (TLV) – it carries a message of sacrifice as well as of hope, new life and harvest!

The Hidden Seed (Chapter 1 of 4) (DE/EN subtitles)
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About the Carving of the “Hidden Seed”

The seed carvings were made by gifted craftsman, Werner Isenschmid. He and his family are part of our church family in Jesus-Haus and ministering with Gateways Beyond International – a Messianic Missional Community. His faith in the Lord is richly displayed in his artwork and many of the pieces, including the seed, have a deep prophetic meaning.

The old wood used for the carving dates back to the time of Count Zinzendorf as it comes from the beams from the first trading house of Herrnhut (built 1767) which later became the town hospital and now is Jesus-Haus, House of Prayer. (Read more about our history.)

The Seed Goes Forth

Many of these seed carvings have been carried as prophetic gifts to Houses of Prayer and ministries around the globe. You can find them in Israel, England, the US, Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Turkey and Canada to name a few places. If you have received one, receive it as a declaration & impartation of Kingdom faith, Kingdom family and Kingdom multiplication.

We and many others have been deeply impacted by the message of the Hidden Seed. May it be an encouragement to you as well:

The Lord who has given you many promises will fulfill them at their due time! The Hidden Seed will spring up!