"You have made sure that children and infants praise you."
Psalm 8:2

  • We believe that God loves every single child
    and that every child is special to Him.
  • We believe that every child should have the opportunity
    to personally get to know his Creator and to build a close
    relationship with Him.
  • We believe that every child can influence his surroundings
    positively, and that strong families are the foundation of our
  • We believe that children should have an important place
    in our congregation.


We want to support children in their development to become socially competent, independent
and creative, and create an environment that enables them to develop individually.
Our nursery school will be:
We want the children to get to know God as their Creator and Heavenly Father. The knowledge
of being created, accepted, and loved by God opens for children a natural access to faith.
Family Focused
A nursery cannot replace, but rather complements home education. That is why working closely with parents and families is very important to us.
Language Focused
In the Jesus-Haus many languages are spoken. Through everyday encounters with foreign
languages and cultures, we want to pass on this “treasure” to the children. For non-Germanspeaking children and their families, adjusting to life in our culture could thus be made easier.
Music and Art Focused
Music plays an important role in our congregation. Through singing and making music daily,we want to help the children to discover their own musicality.


Despite initial support from the city of Herrnhut, the City Council decided against the inclusion in the budget plan. This means for us that the operating costs of the nursery school are not covered by the city.


We as a community cannot fund the operation of a nursery school at present and also need dedicated staff who want to invest in it.


We have this dream, and we need plenty of support to make it reality.
Trusting in God, we want to move forward, and know that He can make the necessary resources available.


How to support us:
For the renovation of the future nursery school rooms we need approximately 120,000 €. For equipping the nursery, we welcome donations such as books, games, sandbox toys, children's riding toys, and craft materials.
Operating costs
For wages, facility costs, and the development of our program with the childrenwe need, in addition to parents' fees, 2000 € per month.
Working with us
Dedicated staff who want to invest in the children are the most important.


We would very much appreciate your supporting our nursery shool.

Donations to:


Christliches Zentrum Herrnhut e.V.
Volksbank Löbau-Zittau

DE58 8559 0100 4259 8350 09

Any commitment would be very helpful for our planning.

Please email us at: