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Christliches Zentrum Herrnhut
August-Bebel-Strasse 12–13
02747 Herrnhut


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+49 1577 194 8533

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    • The nearest train station is in Löbau (Sachsen). The trip from Dresden to Löbau takes approximately 1 hour.
    • From Löbau, bus line #10 ("PlusBus", in the direction of Zittau) brings you to the main bus stop in Herrnhut, the Zinzendorfplatz.
    • From the bus stop, cross the street and walk through the Zinzendorfplatz, passing to the left of the large church. The first street to the left is the August-Bebel-Strasse. Jesus-Haus Herrnhut is number 13 on this street, located two blocks down on the left (see Google Maps).

    Travel Planner with Deutsche Bahn (German Railroad)
    Schedule for bus line #10 (only in German)

    BY CAR 

    • From Dresden, take the A4 (E 40) in the direction of Görlitz to the Weißenberg exit (No. 91).
    • Turn right on the S55 and S112 until B 178 in the direction of Löbau/Zittau.
    • B178 and B178n to the Obercunnersdorf exit.
    • Turn left until the cross roads then turn right in the direction of Herrnhut.
    • After entering Herrnhut (after the Penny-Markt grocery store), bear to the left onto the August-Bebel-Strasse. Proceed through the stop sign.
      After approximately 300 meters you will see the Jesus-Haus (number 13) on the right side.

    Herrnhut is approximately 90 kilometers east of Dresden and the drive takes about 1.5 hours.

    Map of Herrnhut

    Online route planning to the Jesus-Haus


    • International airports nearest to Herrnhut are Dresden, Prague and Berlin.
    • For inexpensive flights with discount carriers from within Europe, we recommend Prague and Berlin-Schönefeld.
    • For flights from the USA, the best airport is Dresden, followed by Prague and Berlin-Tegel.
    • For other international flights, we recommend booking through to Dresden.

    Airport Distance Drive time
    (by car)
    Travel time
    (train + bus)
    Total cost
    (train + bus)
    Dresden 90 km 1.5 h 1.5 h ~ 20 €
    Prague 160 km 2.5 h 3 h ~ 10 €
    Berlin-Brandenburg 250 km 2.5 h 3.5 h ~ 38 €
    Berlin-Tegel 280 km 3 h 4 h ~ 38 €

    To get to Herrnhut from Dresden Airport you have to:

    Step 1:
    Take a train S2 from Dresden Airport train station to Dresden-Neustadt train station or take a bus number 80 from Dresden Airport bus stop to Klotzsche train station.
    Step 2:
    From Dresden-Neustadt/ Klotzsche train station  take a regional train going to Löbau (direction Görlitz).
    Step 3:

    From Löbau bus stop (located just next to train station), take a bus number 10 (‘Plus Bus’ direction Zittau) to Herrnhut.


    To get to Herrnhut from Berlin Brandenburg Airport you have to:

    Step 1:
    Walk for about 2 minutes (110 m) to BER Airport- Terminal 1-2 train station.
    Step 2:
    From BER Airport- Terminal 1-2 train station take a train to Löbau, connections with a change of train in Dresden or Görlitz.
    Step 3:

    From Löbau bus stop (located just next to train station), take a bus number 10 (‘Plus Bus’ direction Zittau) to Herrnhut.


    To get to Herrnhut from Václav Havel Airport Prague you have to:

    Step 1:
    Take a bus number 100 direction Zličín to the Zličín underground station.
    Step 2:
    From Zličín underground station take a line ‘B’ (yellow one) to Černý Most station.
    Step 3:
    From Černý Most take a bus (FlixBus or Student Agency/RegioJet) to Liberec bus station.
    Step 4 
    Walk for about 4 minutes from the bus station to the train station.
    Step 5
    Take a direct train from Liberec train station to Zittau train station.
    Step 6
    From Zittau bus stop (located just next to train station), take a bus number 10 (‘Plus Bus’ direction Löbau) to Herrnhut.



    Herrnhut is a small town that provides all facilities needed for daily life: supermarkets, restaurants, a pharmacy, a post office ... All these places are within walking distance (less than 1km away).


    If you need directions or recommendations, feel free to ask in our little shop Mazel Tov.

    The facilities nearest to Jesus-Haus are listed below:


    • Mazel Tov
    • Künstlergilde
    • Galerie Geschmackssache
    • City-Shop (small supermarket)
    • Post office
    • Pharmacy
    • Comenius Buchhandlung (bookshop)
    • Penny (supermarket)
    • Netto (supermarket)

    Restaurants / Cafés