19th December 2021

Re-Inaugaration of our renovated 24/7 Prayer room

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Neu-Eröffnung unseres 24/7 Wächter-Gebetsraum

On 19th December 2021 we have officially opened the 24/7 watchman prayer room.

This prayer room has a special meaning for us at it was the first prayer room of Jesus-Haus. In 2008, because of the creation of the overlapping big hall, this room became unusable. We always wanted to restore it in a different configuration, however, many details rendered this undertaking difficult. Now finally, after 13 years, intercessors can go there day and night.

We are calling this prayer room “Watchman Prayer Room” because of its position in the building: it has windows looking into the main hall of Jesus-Haus and windows looking out towards the bell tower and into Herrnhut. This represents the dual Watchman calling of guarding over the vision of the house, as well as looking out to watch over the town and to thrust out seed carriers into the nations.

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