Currently we are in a season of transition. If you are interested in coming to Jesus Haus, please email here: and we can share the opportunities for you to come and serve in Jesus Haus.

We, as Jesus-Haus, want people to have the opportunity to explore and experience life in the house of prayer in the context of community. Internship program is an open door for people who are hungry for more of the Lord and His presence but at the same time are willing to serve in a practical way and help us building the vision of the house which is both: spiritual and practical.


The core vision for Jesus-Haus is to create a place of encounter – an altar of worship where the Lord is pleased to dwell and where people can encounter Him. Our desire is to have ceaseless worship and prayer rising up from this place for the glory of His name (Malachi 1:11) and, therefore, we are building step by step a covering of 24/7 prayer and worship in the house.

We have many guest visiting us during the year. As interns and staff members, we make it our aim through our practical work, worship, community life and playtime to create a space for encounter.


As Jesus-Haus team and interns we chose to join our hearts to the vision and community here, in order to see the vision fulfilled for short or longer seasons. It is a great opportunity to grow in intimacy with God, discover and develop your calling, grow in your character and experience the beauty of community.


There are different kinds of internships, to choose the one that fits you best read the information below.


20th September to 21st November 2021

HARP AND BROOM (short term)

Harp & Broom is the short-term internship program at Jesus-Haus Herrnhut. Come and join us for 8 weeks to help build the house of prayer (the harp) and serve in our hospitality department or construction team (the broom)!


H&B interns will be able to learn more about Herrnhut's rich history, meet and spend time with guests from around the world, make beds, clean rooms, work in the garden, learn to communicate a bit in German, do some sight-seeing in the local area, and have the joy of serving in the house of prayer.


Interns will be given a schedule that consists of personal time with the Lord, morning devotions with the team, practical work, meals time, teaching sessions, worship evenings and outreach opportunities.


For more information and an application, please contact us:





"To say it in one sentence – internship means laughing, learning, living passionately, leading, loving, laying aside burdens. . . a valuable, formative time that I would not want to have missed in my life."

(Christina- Stuttgart, DE)


"In my internship in Jesus-Haus I experienced fast growth, breakthrough, healing, love and friendship in the community context. The daily rhythm became precious to me and helped me to every day fix my eyes on the Lord.

This place became home to me. "(Janne, Germany)


"During my first month in Jesus-Haus, I experienced what I imagined the first church to be like. Loving family-community, that worships the Lord, and great environment for growth. In my secret place as well as through the relationships and teachings and corporate worship times, I received a lot of healing and great revelation of Jesus as my Bridegroom. I was able to say for the first time in my life wholeheartedly; "I love you, Lord!" (Bára, Czech Republic)


Unite is a 9-month House of Prayer internship and a gateway to a longer-term commitment to the work at Jesus-Haus Herrnhut. We believe that God wants to send worshippers and those with a servant's heart to help us build up the altar of night and day prayer here in eastern Germany. Come join us in the joys and challenges of pioneer work!


UNITE is a "program" only in the limited sense of the word. The day-to-day focus lies in practical outworking and not in formal teaching. We operate from the perspective that through your previous discipleship training you have already gained the motivation to serve the Lord and are now looking to take the next step to live out what you have learned.


UNITE includes intensive personal discipleship, specialized teaching times, participation in the house of prayer, living in community, learning about the vision of our church, and many opportunities to be active both spiritually and practically!


For more information and an application, please contact us :


"The UNITE time was very valuable for me. I grew to better know and love God, the others, and myself. UNITE is a super opportunity to discover and/or try out your gifts and to grow in the life of the church. Rating: Highly Recommended!" (Susanne- Hamburg, DE)


"It is an amazing opportunity to discover and develop your giftings and also to grow in every area of your life in a very safe environment. If you are excited about meeting people from different nations and to get to know their culture you will have plenty opportunities for that in Jesus-Haus." (Agata, Czech Republic)