Royal Rangers

The Royal Ranger Promise

With God’s help I will do my best to serve my church and my fellows, to keep the Royal Rangers rules and to make the “Golden Rule” my motto in my daily life.

The Royal Rangers Motto: Always ready for Jesus!

Every week adventure!

When: Every Monday 4:30 p.m.

What: devotion, forest, Bible, playing, bonfire, challenges, covenants, fun, nature, team, knots, friends

Who: everyone from the age of six on

Where:  At our Royal Rangers area near Hühnerfarmweg

Information from the leader: David Haupt, August-Bebel-Strasse 6, 02747 Herrnhut, , 0179-8650214


Principles of the Royal Rangers

The golden rule of the Royal Rangers : So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you! Matthew 7:12

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Royal Rangers Emblem

Four golden prongs: „The four areas of growth”

  • Physically – you grow and you become stronger (bigger…)
  • Mentally – the mind develops, you become smarter and more careful
  • Spiritually – the relationship to God matures
  • Socially – you learn how to interact with others, how to behave well

Four red prongs: „Four fundamental truths of the chuch”

  • The Salvation –Jesus died, so that we can be free from guilt
  • The Healing – Jesus answers prayers even today and hals Sick pe ople
  • The Second Coming – Jesus will come back one day to take all who believe In Him to Him
  • The Holy Spirit – the helper, who Jesus send to the people when He ascended to heaven to help the people to walk on His ways

Eight blue prongs: “The eight main rules of the Royal Rangers”

A Royal Rangers is …
  • Watchful – physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Pure – physically, in his thoughts and words
  • Honest – he doesn’t lie and steal
  • Brave – also when criticized and in danger he stays brave
  • Faithful – towards his family, church, his tribe and his friends
  • Polite – he has a good behavior, is kind and considerate
  • Obedient – towards God and his conscience, towards his parents, leaders and superiors
  • Spiritual – he prays, reads the Bible and witnesses Jesus Christ

The Royal Rangers Motto: Always ready for Jesus!

A Royal Ranger is ready to…

  • See and love all people as created by God
  • According to the command from God to preserve creation
  • Also in difficult circumstances to engage happily
  • Take on responsibility and to be obedient
  • Live simple, to share and to give
  • Help and to save lives in emergencies
  • Pray and work with commitment