15th March 2022

Renovation of the Worship Room

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We want to renovate and prepare the room that we will especially set apart for the 24/7. This will be a practical and a spiritual renovation. We will:

  • Remove old pipes
  • Re-paint the room
  • Deal with areas of damage in the walls

We also re-imagine the set up - thinking specifically about the ways we want to us the room and how we can creatively set it up as a space in which the Lord is pleased to dwell and to inspire worship and wonder in those who come. This will include:

  • Space for artistic creativity
  • Space for dancing and flags

From 14th – 20th March we will be clearing out the worship room and renovating it ready to set it up again for the 6 months. If you are near Herrnhut and would like to help out, please get in touch.

Otherwise, you can support in prayer and financially if you would like to. We need to raise €3000 for this renovation. If you would like to support this project, visit our donation page and don't forget to indicate that it is for the 'worship room'.

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